Advancement Essentials At Almabase, we understand the challenges advancement teams face with the advent of technology and social media. We want to be as useful as we can to help you navigate this journey and make best use of modern technology.

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Understand how advancement professionals around the world are leveraging the internet to their benefit.

A guide to modern day alumni relations

An insightful book with data from recent alumni studies and insights from hundreds of clients to offer suggestions on alumni engagement.

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A comprehensive guide to planning a Giving Day

Giving Days seem to be working magically for some schools. Here is a comprehensive guide on planning a Giving Day for success.

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A comprehensive guide to marketing a Giving Day

To meet the ambitious goals of Giving Day campaign, schools needs to leverage every marketing channel available. Here is a comprehensive guide on marketing a Giving Day.

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Free software

We understand your world. Use these free software (no strings attached) to make your day-to-day easier.

Save data from LinkedIn

Save alumni data from LinkedIn into spreadsheets

This chrome extension lets you grab your alumni data from their LinkedIn profiles and download that data as a spreadsheet so you can sync with your database. It saves upto 10 hours of copying and pasting per week for hardworking alumni professionals.

Find public information about your alumni

Find public information about your alumni

There’s a lot of public information about all of us on the internet. This tool lets you find public information about all of your alumni by just keying in their name and location. You could find their phone numbers, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles, pictures, work history, etc. Try it out now and you’ll be surprised!

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